4 Things College Professors Want Students To Know

4 Things College Professors Want Students To Know

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  • Sep 15, 2017

College professors from a variety of institutions shared how to be successful in college classes. Here’s what they want students to know:

Show up!

Obviously this means actually going to class, but it also includes coming prepared having read or completed assignments and bringing necessary materials. It also means engaging in class (not surfing the Internet) and learning how to read, write and think.

Good writing matters in every subject.

Read academic books and articles so you know what good writing looks like. Know the basics of a good college essay: outline before you begin, write a thesis statement that makes an argument and then back it up, and finally proofread and revise (it’s more than just checking for spelling and grammar – but do that too!)

Use proper citations.

Using someone else’s ideas, images or work? Be sure to give proper credit – otherwise it’s plagiarism and a serious academic offense. Use the college’s writing center if you’re not sure what to do.

Understand that it can be hard.

Put in effort – and don’t expect anyone else to fix your problems. Be willing to be uncomfortable. Accept that you don’t know everything. Seek out help from professors and others if you need it!