College Cash Campaign: FAFSA Completion

College Cash Campaign: FAFSA Completion

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  • Jan 24, 2018
FAFSA completion bulletin board

Since the FAFSA and ORSAA opened on October 1, schools across Oregon have been hard at work helping students complete the critical financial aid forms. How are we doing? According to the new #FormYourFuture FAFSA tracker from the National College Access Network, the statewide FAFSA completion rate is 37% as of January 12, 2018.

FAFSA Completion posterSchools and districts can see aggregate FAFSA completion numbers from the Office of Federal Student Aid as well as get student-level data with the FAFSA Plus+ program, administered by OSAC. Set a goal and track your school's progress with our FAFSA Completion Poster.

Of course, it's also important to make sure the form is completed accurately. Students receive a Student Aid Report after filing the FAFSA in order to confirm all of the information is correct.

Don't make these common mistakes!

According to OSAC, the most common FAFSA errors for Oregon students on the 2016-2017 FAFSA were:

  1. Student did not sign the FAFSA
  2. Parent did not sign the FAFSA
  3. Federal income taxes paid equal to reported adjusted gross income
  4. Student name and/or social security number do not match the Social Security Administration database

Have questions? See our Paying for College FAQ page or for FAFSA-specific questions, use the FAQ page on the FAFSA Help and Federal Student Aid Information websites or contact the Office of Federal Student Aid via e-mail, phone or live chat. For ORSAA-specific questions, contact OSAC at: ORSAAHelp@hecc.oregon.gov or (541) 687-7400.